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Yippee!!!  Timothy and I are happy to announce that we're the winners of a 2021 MICE Mini-Grant. Purchase our latest issues at Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, MA or online at Radiator Comics.

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Who We Are

How We Got Here

Stranger Flavor is the love child of  Barbara Thomas and Timothy Wall.  Barbara mainly writes and Tim mostly draws.  Here you'll find our artwork, stories, sketches, and musings with lots of Guyanese and Mid-West seasoning!

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The Future We See

Bringing Our Family Together

Peace, love and curry! We’ve got a deep love and respect for each other.  We all have interesting stories to tell.  You'll get to see, read and hear some of them.

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What We Believe

Inspiration and Creativity

If you love graphic memoir, speculative fiction, horror, sci-fi, fart jokes, strong female characters, critical discussion on magical thinking (aka religion), afro-futurism, the Caribbean diaspora, Guyana, ex-Mormons, the Goddess, basketball, hassa, funeral potatoes, critical race theory, 80's music, or are just plain curious, you've come to the right place.

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