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Boston Comics in Color Festival
"Truth Telling in Graphic Memoir"
Panel Discussion 

Can comics be documentary, and can documentary take the form of comics? What are the inherit joys and obstacles of this process? How do you tell the story of others (living or deceased)? What is the ultimate goal of telling the story? How do artists and writers successfully collaborate while creating an authentic story?

April 22, 2022

This panel will focused on the relationship between writer and artists and best way to work together to create the visuals you want to see for your projects.

Winners of mini-MICE
Grant 2021!

November 1, 2021

Our graphic memoir, Cambridge Schools Chronicled is the winner of a 2021 mini-MICE grant!  

Each year the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo enthusiastically supports self-published comics by awarding MICE Mini-Grants to independent creators. MICE Mini-Grants offer funding to help creators print their work, provide focused marketing and promotional support, and a top-notch distribution channel for comics thanks to their partner Radiator Comics.

News & Updates: News & Updates
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